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How It Works

About Divorce AI

Divorce AI is divorce financial reporting - a new category of intelligent tools that combine divorce and wealth management. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, expert knowledge, and comprehensive reporting technology, Divorce AI is built by people who care about families going through a divorce.

Divorce AI enables you to find what's important, understand why it's important, and put that information to use in the most powerful way possible. In short, we turn your future divorce into an easy-to-read report.

The average divorce costs a whopping $20,000. That number can quickly grow if you are not properly prepared for a divorce. That is why every divorce starts here.

We estimate all of your post-divorce expenses and incomes, asset separation options, future budget, net worth, and more. We are trying to save you time and money by better preparing you for a divorce. Divorce AI helps you understand the financial implications of your divorce and estimates your post-divorce financials, so you can better execute and negotiate the terms of your divorce.

We'll admit it. We are not pretending to be your lawyer. Instead, we are empowering you with valuable information so you can take back control when hiring a lawyer. The value Divorce AI offers is an ability to quickly research, calculate and estimate future divorce outcomes without paying large lawyer fees. Guess what? You can even download all of your Divorce AI reports and show them to your friends, future lawyers, or save them for later use.

Divorce AI's technology allows for extremely affordable prices compared to other options. All you have to do is sign-up, answer a few short questions, and sit back while we do the rest. We will provide you with easy-to-read Divorce AI report.

Our Mission

Divorce AI's mission is to empower spouses with actionable insights that are otherwise expensive and costly to find during a divorce- by using Artificial Intelligence to streamline the divorce process. We strive to offer users an accurate and seamless set of tools to efficiently navigate a divorce.

Our Team

Based out of Michigan, the Divorce AI team is comprised of intelligent people who care. We have a real passion for helping divorcing spouses. Our team is determined to produce powerful, actionable, and useful information concerning a divorce so anyone can save time and money during the divorce process.

How It Works

  1. Create a User-Name and Password, so your private information stays private and secure. We value you as a customer and your rivate information.

  2. Fill out a short questionnaire so we can run everything through our proprietary software. We even have a 'what-if' analysis allowing you to view multiple scenarios in a matter of seconds.

  3. Export all of the Divorce AI reports. Do what you would like with them and don't forget that you will win by preparing for your divorce.


Q: Will Divorce AI help me file for a divorce?
A: No, Divorce AI only helps you understand the financial components of a divorce.

Q: Do I need my spouse in order to participate in Divorce AI?
A: No, Divorce AI only allows for one spouse, and your account information is secured under a login and password-protected account.

Q: Who is Divorce AI created for?
A: Divorce AI is created for ordinary people. Divorce AI is for non-lawyers.

Q: At what stage in the divorce process should I use Divorce AI?
A: Divorce AI is intended for people in the early or research stages of a divorce.

Q: How long does the Divorce AI process take.
A: It depends. After following our easy step-by-step process, users can usually finish within an hour, but feel free to improve your insights using the "What If' tool until your account expires.

Q: Is my information kept confidential?
A: We deeply value and respect your privacy (see our Privacy Policy).

Q: Do I need a lawyer while using Divorce AI?
A: No, you do not need a lawyer while using Divorce AI.

Q: Does Divorce AI replace the need for a lawyer or financial planner?
A: Divorce AI is not a law firm or financial advisor and does not provide legal or financial advice; only self-help services at your direction (see our Terms Of Use).

Divorce AI is not a law firm or financial advisor and does not provide legal or financial advice; only self-help services at your direction.